EMS 2.0 Pin Ordering Informaiton

Hello, everyone! The time has come to get a hold of your EMS 2.0 Pin! Wear it with pride, and let those around you see that you support the movement. If just two people asks each of us what it means, and they buy in to the movement, and then they tell two people…. well… you see where I’m going with this!

This first batch of pins is going for a very special price of $7. After the first 100 pins are gone, I will be figuring out how many more I need to order. After this first batch, the price will be going up to $10 a pin but that will just be to cover my expenses for shipping.

As of right now, ALL PURCHASES will be done through Paypal. Please just make sure your shipping address is correct. Also, please bare with me. I’m doing all of the shipping and organizing myself. I will be sending them out in the order they were received.

ALL Proceeds from the sale of these pins will be going to Justin, Ted, Mark, and the entire Chronicles of EMS Team! This is a great way to show that you believe in the EMS 2.0 Movement, and an easy way to display it professionally on your uniform. Come on, people! Lets get the word out, and get people talking!

For a picture of the Pin, and a Link to purchase one, go to http://medicsbk.tripod.com

Finally, I am looking for some help from anyone who might be good at working with Websites. Drop me an email or a message on Twitter if you’re interested.