On The Throne

With all of the writing I’ve done today, this week should be a pretty busy week atEMSin the New Decade.I’m waiting on submissions for my topic for The Handover, the topic of which can be read here.Also, I’ve got a two part post almost completed about the Massachusetts EMT Recertification scandal that is currently taking place.I thought though, on this Sunday, which is supposed to be a day of rest, that I would start things off on a lighter note.

Jeramedic called me out in one of his blog posts.The question was, “What reading material do you keep next to the toilet?”I don’t know exactly how this thread started, but from what I’ve researched, it seems that all of it goes back to TheHappyMedic.Thanks, Justin!

So when I “sat down” before, I took inventory of my library that would most certainly be flagged in an episode of Seinfeld.Here’s what I found

JEMS — If you work in this field, chances are you have at least one copy lying around the bathroom somewhere.My current selection is the 2010 200 City Survey edition.There are some great articles in that one.I highly recommend it.

PC Gamer — There are a few month’s worth of this magazine hanging out in the rack.Its my guilty pleasure, and my hobby when I don’t really feel like heading out to face the world.That’s right, folks.MedicSBK is a gamer!

Cowboy in the City — This is a book aboutEMSin the area where I practice.The writing style is. . . unique to say the least.I’m not sure about the overall message of it, but I’ll usually read a page or two here and there.

The trusty iPhone! — When all else fails, chances are my iPhone is nearby.Not only does this give me plenty of websites to tackle, but I will admit there has been the occasional Tweet (or as I believe its called Shweet) that goes out, but you’ll never know which ones those are! Muahahahahahaha!

So there you have it!Plenty of reading material to keep me occupied.Seeing as how everyone who I would call out on this one has already written some great articles about this same topic, I guess I will sadly have to end the chain here.

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