I Need a Name!

Just before the New Year, someone dropped off a huge bag full of Beanie Babies at our office. While its difficult to put unwrapped toys in the trucks for kids due to regulations, we graciously accepted the gift. In the weeks that followed, some of us adopted them as our personal “Mascots.” This guy caught my eye, and I snatched him up!
His little Tag says his name was Paul. That really doesn’t seem appropriate to me, so I want to name him, and I want YOUR help!
While some folks on Twitter offered up a few great suggestions, I think I’m looking for something more EMS related.
So what do you think? What should I name him?
  • Hybridmedic


  • Firefighter/Paramedic

    Filmore the Flatulent.

  • Medic61


  • KC

    Macintosh #5 or Twinpack.