The Weather Outside is Frightful

As I am writing this, its Tuesday afternoon, and my area is planning on spending much of Wednesday dealing with Blizzard-Like conditions.Predictions for my area are going anywhere from six inches of snow to a foot and a half.Only time will tell how much we end up getting.

It’s Winter Time, and snow is a given where I live.We might not get as much as say, Tonawanda,New York, but we do alright here.So far this year, we have gotten pretty lucky, but all of that could change tomorrow.If a blizzard was to hit where you work, how ready are you for it?I’m not talking about your service, I’m talking about you personally.

Do you have a Winter EMS Survival Kit?Maybe its time that you make one.I am fortunate enough that I live about a mile and a half from where I work, so the need for me to be “fully prepared” is not as great as it was, but when I lived farther away from work, I always had a kit in the trunk of my car that was ready to go if I ever needed it.Here’s what it had:

1.Spare clothes — I always carried a spare uniform with me, right down to the skivvies!You never know when you might need them, especially in the snowy, winter tundra ofNew England.

2.Two Pairs of Socks — As funny as it may sound, its always important to take care of your feet.One extra pair is good, but two will get you through for a while, if need be.

3.Shower Supplies — I always had an extra towel, along with soap, shampoo, and flip flops!While the towels in my service get washed, they’re also used to clean up the ambulances.Gross, right?

4.Toiletries — Always have a spare stick of deodorant, and a tooth brush and toothpaste handy.No one wants to sit in the truck with a stinky partner.

5.Extra Boots — Again, think about those feet!I usually go through two pairs of boots a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall.Usually, my Spring/Summer boots are in good enough shape that they could still be worn if needed, so I keep them as a spare set.You may never know when you’ll need them.

6.Dryer Sheets — This one might sound a little funny, but if you’re going to pack all of this stuff into a bag, its going to get wrinkled.What better way to freshen it up than to toss it in the dryer with a dryer sheet?That formula has gotten me through a lot in my lifetime!

I’m sure everyone out there could add something to this, but this is a great starting point.When the weather got bad, I always went into work expecting that there could be a chance that I’d be stuck there for a day or more past my shift, and while it never came to that, I was always prepared for the worst.

Above all else, stay warm, drive safely, and be prepared for that great Winter weather.Spring is right around the corner. . . Right?