EMS on the Hill 2011. . . Are You Ready?

In less than a month, it will be time for the second annual EMS on the Hill Day, an event sponsored by NAEMT to help bring us together in a unified voice about issues and challenges we face everyday.

I went down to Washington DC last year, but sadly due to my work schedule, I was unable to participate in the event itself. I was so excited by the turnout and the work that was done though that I decided to set aside the time to attend and participate this year.

The event itself is on the 4th and 5th of May, and registration for the even closes on the 31st of March.

To sign up and participate, head on over to the EMS on the Hill portion of the NAEMT Website. Then, come join me down in Washington DC for a chance to create a little Thunder, and make some positive changes in EMS.

Hurry though! Registration closes on March 31st!

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  1. Hey I’ll be there, can’t wait to meet up! Excited to get to talk more about EMS 2.0 and the current EMS White Paper

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