Ten Years Ago. . .

Ten years ago this month, I graduated college.  I had been a medic for about eight months, and I was still terrified.  I was really comfortable with my BLS skills, but a lot of that ALS gear still felt new to me.  It’s amazing how much is different now. . .

Ten years ago, I dreamt of having an LP-12 in my truck.  I was stuck though with an LP-10 with paddles.

Ten years ago, I was getting ready to live alone for the first time in five years.  The ink was barely dried on the lease for my new apartment.

Ten years ago, Osama Bin Laden wasn’t a household name.

Ten years ago, people felt safe.  Terrorism was something that happened elsewhere, and Anthrax was a 90’s heavy metal band.

Ten years ago, I was getting ready to start my first full-time shift with a friend of mine from college.  Now, he’s on the verge of being the fire chief in the town he works for.

Ten years ago, I had never done a shooting.  I lost count of how many I’ve done long ago.

Ten years ago, I had my first cell phone: a cheap one by Sprint.  Texting didn’t exist, Twitter wasn’t what it is today, and I had dialup.

Ten years ago, I had a Livejournal.  Today, I’ve got my own url. .. But you knew that, I mean, you’re on it!

Ten years ago, being a supervisor was a goal.  Now, it’s a reality.

Ten years ago, I loved my job.  Now, I love my career.

Time sure does fly, doesn’t it?


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