Local Rocker Donates Ambulance

Staind band member donates ambulance to Hampshire county hilltowns: wwlp.com

I am going a bit local with this morning’s post, but I saw this last week and I’ve been wanting to share it with everyone.

Last week, Johnny April the bass player for the band Staind who are originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, donated an ambulance to Highland Ambulance, the service that handles calls for the town he lives in.  According to the story, the truck cost approximately $150,000.  Highland Ambulance was formed a few years ago to handle calls in a handful of smaller communities outside of Northampton, Massachusetts.  They have some great people who work for them, and adding this brand new unit will no doubt help increase the quality of service they are able to provide.

What a great thing for someone to do for a community.  Thank you, Johnny April.

Credit the news clip to 22 News at WWLP.COM