There comes a time when we all reach a crossroads in our lives when we are forced to make a decision of where to go and what to do next.  I reached that point just the other day and have decided that it is time to make some changes in my life.  I’ve realized that there is more out there beyond my little world and I want to go out and explore a bit.

The gut checks that I have had to do on myself have been becoming more and more frequent, and I feel that it is time to put myself first, which is something that I frequently fail at.  Far too often I have made my job and other responsibilities while pushing my own well-being to the back burner.  It has never been a smart decision and always seems to go against the “practice what you preach” concept that I advocate for so frequently, but I am learning.

Changes take time, and they take effort.  The next steps in my life are going to be a sizeable challenge but if… no.. WHEN the ends justify the means then I know I will be happier and in a better place in life.  The first step for me is an obvious one: my quest for the coveted Disco Patch has begun!  The next six weeks of my life is going to be spent nose in a book studying for an upcoming National Registry test.  From there, the possibilities are limitless.

One thing that is not going away or changing is my love for writing.  In fact, my upcoming adventures are a real inspiration and I would like to invite you along for the ride.  It might be a bit bumpy, but eventually things are going to smooth out and everything will be okay.

The only question that I have though is: do those disco patches come with a leisure suit or do I have to buy that myself?