It’s Official!

Just when I thought all hope was lost, all the chips fall into place. . .

I have not missed a major EMS conference (EMS Expo or EMS Today) since my first trip to Dallas in 2010.  Because of all of the life changes that have happened over the year, and my demotion to “FNG” at my new job, I thought that this year’s EMS World Expo in Las Vegas might just be the first one.  It was tough to listen to everyone making plans, and talking about classes, and realizing that I just might miss it because of my work schedule.

It took a little bit of work and a lot of overtime, but thanks to the generosity of some of my new coworkers in the form of swaps and their vacation days that allowed me to work almost non-stop, I have booked my hotel room, and scheduled my flights.  I will be arriving in Las Vegas on Sunday September 8th in the morning for four days and three nights of quality time with some of the best friends a guy could ever ask for.

Yup, that’s right: our semi annual “reunion” will happen again!  I really did not realize how much I would have missed it until I took the time to schedule the trip.  The excitement that I am overcome with now, just about a month away, is overwhelming.  There is no better place than those conferences, and its not because of their location, its because of the people that I get to see there.

To those of you who will be joining us for Expo this year, I look forward to seeing you all and catching up with you!  For anyone who is missing it, you will sorely be missed.  And finally, if you have never been, what are you thinking?!  You have no idea what you are missing!