Podcast Episode 5: One Night at Huck Finn’s

Podcast Episode 5: One Night at Huck Finn’s

May 26, 2014

On this week’s episode of EMS in the New Decade, Scott Kier and Ben Neal talk about an inspirational conversation they were part of while sharing a few Happy Hour drinks at a bar called Huck Finn’s in New Orleans at the tail end of EMS Expo 2012.  What started out as a group of medics swapping war stories turned quickly into a conversation about pit crew CPR led by Tom Bouthillet from EMS 12 Lead and Code STEMI that was the jumping off point for some major changes in Ben’s EMS system.

So crack open a beer, sit back, and enjoy a night at Huck Finn’s with Scott and Ben.

To download this week’s podcast, click this link!  Otherwise, use the player below.


  1. micgunderson /

    Nice job with the podcast guys!


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