Podcast Episode 12: Emergency Money Management

One of the biggest complaints that most EMTs and paramedics have revolves around the pay that they receive.  Instead of living beyond our means or relying on overtime to support ourselves, what if we better managed our money and took better care of our finances?  Joining me this week is Jason Hoschouer, better known on the internet at Motor Cop, and one of his success stories, a well-known voice on EMS in the New Decade, Sean Eddy.

If you are just getting started in EMS, or you are worried about your financial future, this one is a must listen for you!

Check out Sean’s blog Medic Madness.  Or follow him on twitter at @SeanEddy.

Want more information on Jason’s financial coaching check out his spot on the web GPS Financial Coaching.

Finally, if you have not read his blog, what are you waiting for?  Motorcop.  Or, just follow Motorcop Facebook.

To download this week’s podcast click this link!  Otherwise, use the player below.

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