Podcast Episode 15: The Website, Nashville, and Nurses

Podcast Episode 15: The Website, Nashville, and Nurses

Aug 18, 2014

This week, Scott takes some time to talk about the changes that have occurred to MedicSBK.com over the past couple of weeks.  He then turns to a couple of hot button topics that have come to head over past week, specifically the incident in Nashville, Tennessee where a group of paramedics were suspended and then reinstated after pronouncing a patient who was still alive.  Scott’s focus then turns to the announcement by a California nurses union that released their statement of opposition to Community Paramedicine.  The topic sparked an interesting debate on Scott’s Facebook page and he shares some of the views with you.

Firefighters medics who left dying patient under investigation.

An incident where Scott and some of his coworkers made a big mistake.  Full Disclosure.

Paramedic vs. Nurse.  The Doctor’s Definitive Edition.

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