It’s Quiet Around Here!

Okay, so I know uttering the word “quiet” in EMS is like taboo. You just don’t do it. Don’t upset the peace, don’t disturb the EMS Gods when they’re sleeping. Thankfully, I’m not on a truck right now. I’m no where even near work! I just wanted to briefly share with you all why things have slowed down a bit here at EMS in the New Decade over the last week or two.

There are big things coming in the next couple of weeks to my blog. I don’t want to “officially” announce it until everything is in place. Domains need to be setup, pages need to be laid out, and then I’ll be ready to say more.
That’s right, EMS in the New Decade is moving up in the world!
Couple that with a short vacation next week to Florida to visit my parents who are amateur snow birds this year, and you’ve got the makings of a little time away from the Blogging World.
Rest assured though, everything is well. Actually, everything is better than well!