About Scott

The only child of two New Jersey EMTs, Scott got his start in EMS in 1993 as a Cadet on the Island Heights First Aid Squad.  It didn’t take him long to realize that EMS was his calling.  After obtaining his EMT in 1995, he decided that it would be best for his future to pursue a degree in addition to eventually obtaining his Paramedic certification.  This led him to Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts in September of 1997.

Scott obtained his Massachusetts Paramedic Certification in 2000, and has been working in a mid-sized Urban system for the last eleven years, serving for the past five as a Field Supervisor.

In late 2009, Scott was presented with a unique opportunity that took him to a very active system on the West Coast.  Having already heard of a short documentary called Level Zero produced by Thaddeus Setla, he was anxious to find out what the people in the system featured in the movie thought about it.  That is when he learned about Chronicles of EMS, another Thaddeus Setla production.  Scott then began to learn about the power of Social Media and the diverse EMS Community that had already began embracing it.

In early 2010, Scott entered the Social Media world.  He created his Twitter account in late February, an affinity for writing and need to share his views not only with the EMS community but the world led to the creation of EMS in the New Decade shortly thereafter.  Scott is now a regular fixture on Twitter, has been a panelist and contributor to Podcasts such as EMS Garage, The Apparatus Floor, First Few Moments, and the Gen Med Show, and is quickly becoming a regular on Conference Exhibit Floors throughout the United States.

When he’s not on the truck or immersed in the Social Media world, Scott enjoys Photography, reading, sailing, traveling, and has a hard time turning down a few hands of poker.  A lover of small music venues, Scott will always make time to go catch some good live music whether locally or otherwise.  He is proud to say that he has traveled to Seattle twice, not only to visit family but to catch a specific concert in downtown Seattle.

Scott’s parents still live at the Jersey Shore, and are proud to say that they have never once fist bumped, or uttered the phrases “GTL” or “T-Shirt Time.”  They are both active EMTs with the Island Heights First Aid Squad, a volunteer service providing pre-hospital care to a small town with a population of about 1,200.  They have been, and continue to be a big inspiration and influence on Scott and the way he practices medicine and cares for people today.