So Long, Thanks for All the Fish!

Okay, so my absence lately has been more than noticeable but there IS a reason behind it, I swear.  And despite what the title of this blog might imply, no I am not closing the blog down, quite the contrary, actually.

At the end of last week I did something I never imagined doing, I gave my 2 week’s notice to my current employer.  After twelve years, I am moving on.  It has been quite the ride for me, and I am taking many, many lessons and memories with me, but a move to a high performance EMS system that can offer me more of a future is a must at this point.

As I start my career as a twelve year FNG, I am sure I will have plenty more to share.

Right now though my focus is on my final five shifts.  Next Monday is my last day.  I’ll have plenty more to say between now and then!