Best in the Country: A Follow Up

Best in the Country: A Follow Up

Aug 20, 2014

I was really happy when I started seeing chatter on twitter from Cherise Leclerc from CBS 3 after she read my original post Best in the Country that I put up on Sunday.  They were interested in Roy and Nick’s story and wanted to do a piece on it.  Over the course of the day on Tuesday, the whole thing was recorded, the interviews were done, and footage from the competition in Colorado was obtained.  I have to say Julia Leonardi did an excellent job with the story.  Have a look for yourself. . .

CBS 3 Springfield – WSHM

These are the kinds of stories that we as an industry need to make sure are told.  It shows the true clinical ability that service is capable of because Nick and Roy are a product of the environment that they are surrounded by.  Although people do not always get to see and hear about it, the staff at the Springfield Division of AMR does one heck of a job.  They are professional, they are competent and they bring a level of experience both collectively as field providers as well as a service provider in the area that cannot be duplicated.  A piece like this gives people an inside look into what happens after the time stops on the response time clock that so many people like to say is so important when it comes to EMS.

To add to the press coverage of this story, reporter Conor Berry did his own piece based on the CBS 3 story.  Check it out here!

Although Roy and Nick did not place, they had one heck of an experience in Colorado and I am proud of both of them and I know that I am not alone.  Well done, guys.  And thanks to Julia Leonardi, Cherise Leclerc and the team over at CBS 3 Springfield for telling a story that had to be told.

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