Making Your Own Thunder

May 1st is upon folks, and it is going to be a big month for many of us.

Next week marks the first annual EMS on the Hill day, sponsored by NAEMT. What is EMS on the Hill Day, you ask? Its a chance for you, the provider, and the advocate to go to Washington, DC and speak with your representatives in Congress about the issues and challenges that you face every day.

Although I am not going to be able to attend the actual EMS on the Hill events, I am making the trip to DC to meet up with some great people involved in The Movement: mainly Miss Paramedic and Jeramedic, and I can’t wait!

Two weeks from now, EMS week will kick off. Here’s our chance to get the word out there even more about who we are. Contact your local papers, and media, and let them know if you are planning any EMS week events! Personally, I will be attending the Chronicles of EMS 3-City meetup in Philadelphia on the 16th, and participating in an EMS Banquet on the 18th to honor our local EMS Heros, and I’ll be attending any events my boss decides to put together.

I feel, though, that its time for me to throw the challenge out there. Its time for all of us to make our own Thunder. Thats a phrase that was coined by (I believe) Ms Paramedic, and Steve Whitehead. What does that mean? Its quite simple, actually, put the word out there about EMS 2.0, the Chronicles of EMS and our profession in general. Let people know that we are here. Create a little rumble, and watch the storm grow.

Jim Hoffman, “The EMS Professional” (@EMSSafe on Twitter) has already gotten off to a great start. Check out this link about his EMS Week 2010 giveaway: Maybe its time that we all follow Jim’s lead. Break out those EMS 2.0 pins, and those Chronicles of EMS t-shirts and show your colors. Do you live in Philadelphia, Chicago, or San Francisco? Come out to the Meetup and meet some great people.

Ultimately though, lets take EMS Week and make it the best one we’ve had yet. If every one of us contributes just a little bit, makes our own little rumble of thunder, the results could be staggering. Lets show people who we are, and what we are all about, and maybe someday in the future, May will be coined “EMS Month.”


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    A big Month indeed sir. How about a Big year? There is alot more to come, and if you can believe its only been a bit over two months since CoEMS premiered. Like i said before and at CoEMS, "I'm excited for everything."

  2. Jim Hoffman /

    There are truly so many ways that EMS professionals can get invovled and show their "Thunder". I mention in an EMS Office Hours that we need to do more than just nod our heads. Even if it is just spreading the word about EMS 2.0. It is posts like this that will continue to motivate people to become a part of the future of EMS.