Happy Birthday!

A year ago today, I made the decision to take the leap into the EMS Blog world.I remember the days leading up.So much was going through my head.What should I write about?Will anyone actually read it?Well, almost 70 posts later, I’m still going strong, and I have you, the readers to thank for that.
My first post was quite simple, it was just a little overview of who I was, and what I was hoping to accomplish in the coming posts.I say “who I was” because in the 365 days since that first post went up, I’ve grown and changed quite a bit.What started out as the simple musings of a Paramedic is now viewed over 1,000 times a month, and has over 50 registered followers.#MyEMSDay has been created, and over 200 EMS 2.0 pins are being worn by Paramedics and EMTs fromSpringfield,Massachusetts toMelbourneAustralia.

To those of you who have read what I’ve had to say over the last year, I thank you.To any new readers I might have, welcome to year 2!And finally, toEMSin the New Decade, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!