One More Week. . .

Monday night was my last shift before vacation, and now I am free until March 5th!  Free from my traditional job at least.  There is a lot going on over the next week.

Next Tuesday night, I will be heading south for a night in New Jersey followed by the rest of my trip to Baltimore.  That’s right folks: Its EMS Today time!  It seems like just yesterday that I sat watching Justin Schorr and Ted Setla taking their limo ride into Baltimore on UStream, debating for myself the prospect of driving to Baltimore for a night.  I chickened out that time, but I refuse to here on out.

Also, next week marks the release of the third issue of Interventions eMagazine.  This one is tailored towards you: the field provider.  I’ve seen the first version, and Justin Schorr has done a great job with the layouts.  The entire team at the First Responders Network is very excited about this one.

Watch over the next week on Twitter and here on the blog for updates, and more importantly, if you are going to be in Baltimore, please let me know!  I’m always looking to meet new people.